K - 1st Grade


Hi, I’m Katherine and I teach First Communion in our CCD classes this year.  But I used to teach Kindergartin and First Grade and still want you to know you can talk to me any time.

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Each year we spend fun filled classes learning about our beautiful Catholic faith and traditions.  And although we can't meet in person this year, due to COVID precautions, we still want you to learn about God our Father and Jesus, God's Son and our Brother, and the Holy Spirit that God and Jesus send specially to us to give us strength.

So we are putting special class material on here just for you!  And if you have any questions you  and your parents can still talk to Ms Katherine or any of our teachers

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Topics we learn during the year are:

  • The life of Jesus from the Annunciation of our Lord to His ascension into heaven.
  • Liturgical seasons and celebrations, why they are meaningful and how we celebrate in the Catholic Church.
  • We learn four prayers: The sign of the Cross, Hail Mary and The Lord’s Prayer and the Act of Contrition.

And so much more!

We can’t wait to have the wonderful opportunity to help your child learn how wonderful and blessed we are to practice our Catholic faith

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